Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Once upon a time, there was a girl, Jana, who just graduated from high school and decided to take a year off in the United States. She chose to stay in a homeshare for the next year. When she arrived in the homeshare, the people were welcoming her. However, she was wondering why there were only five people in the house because she was told that there would be around 10 people living with her. Then a girl explained that the rest are on a trip to Vegas, and that they would be back late at night. Jana got introduced to her roommate Mary Jane. She thought that she was really nice and that they would get along really well. Then, Mary Jane showed her the room they would live in together.

Since Jana was jet lagged, she went to bed very early. However, she woke up in the middle of the night and heard some strange noises coming from the living room. She thought that those must have been the other people just returning from Vegas. Then, Jana noticed that her roommate was gone. 'She probably went to the restroom', she thought. So, Jana didn't think much of it and back to bed.

The next morning Jana expected to meet the rest of the homeshare but there were no unfamiliar faces. There were still only the five that Jana already met the other night. She thought it was kind of strange that they didn't return yet since they had school in the morning as well. Mary Jane told her that they stayed longer in the Vegas since they liked it so much. For some reasons, Jana didn’t believe it.
In the afternoon, Jana returned home. There was no one at home. She was all by herself. So, Jana decided to start unpacking her suitcase. Accidentally, she opened the wrong closet. She opened Mary Jane's closet and found a knife and clothes all covered in blood. At first, she freaked out but then she thought that this must have been her Halloween costume from last week or something and that the knife and the blood was only fake. As she was touching the knife, she cut herself. Obliviously, the knife and the blood were real. Jana panicked. Shit! What is she doing with a knife? Where does all this blood come from? Did she murder someone? What if she is a murder and killed the five that are supposed to be back from Vegas by now? All those questions were running through Jana's mind. Jana didn't know what to do. She was so scared that she almost started to cry. Her heart was beating so fast and she could barely breathe. She closed the closet immediately and walked back and forth in her room. Confused and scared at the same time, she was thinking of what she should do. Telling the other people in the homeshare? Calling the police? No, what if we all get killed?! Jana imagined the worst. Instead of telling someone, Jana kept it for herself and decided to figure out what Mary Jane was up to.

Jana assumed that there was something going on and that is has something to do with Mary Jane. So, Jana decided to check the Internet to find some closure. She found an article, which said that once there lived a couple in this house, but the man killed her girlfriend and than committed suicide. The woman was possessed and tried to kill her boyfriend. Before she could kill him, he killed her. Desperate due to killing her love, the guy committed suicide. Since then, there were rumors that the house was hunted and there was a demon that possessed people. The article also mentioned that the only way to get out is to kill yourself or to drown the demon. She immediately thought that it was Mary Jane who was responsible for the missing people.

At night Jana pretended to be asleep. Around midnight, she heard her roommate walking out of the room. Then, she heard those strange noises and screams again but this time coming out of the garden. Jana got up and discreetly walking through the dark living room into the kitchen. Observing from the kitchen's window into the garden, Jana saw some shadows. In the shadows, she saw someone holding a girl and threatening her with a knife. The shadows seemed to be Mary Jane and Jennie, another girl from the homeshare. Jennie was screaming and begging her not to kill her. Jennie's fear could be heard in her voice. Then, Jana saw the shadow of Mary Jane stabbing the girl. 
Jana freaked out. She wanted to scream but was scared to be seen. She pushed her hands against the mouth forcing herself not to make a sound. She was too afraid to be the next victim. She didn't know what to do. Should she return to her room and pretend that nothing happened at all? Hoping that everything was just a dream? Then suddenly the shadows disappeared. Jana was scared to death and her heart of beating so fast. The only thing she wanted to do was to get out of the house. As she turned around, her roommate was standing right in front of her asking what she was doing so late.
Jana's heart was beating like a ticking time bomb. She was so afraid. She saw Jennie's pajamas covered in blood and immediately knew that her assumptions were true.

Jana fear was written in her face. Now she knew that Mary Jane was possessed and she is going to be the next victim. Bravely looking at Mary Jane, Jana saw her turning into a scary beast. Mary Jane's innocent face turned into a monster face. Her beautiful blue eyes became bright white. Mary Jane came closer and closer. Jana screamed so loud and managed to run away. She ran down the street hoping that she will be heard. She was desperately screaming for help but no one heard her. Mary Jana was following her. Her voice was so creepy, saying, "Come here. You can't escape. I will get you anyway.". Jana was so frightened that she started to cry. She run further down the street screaming for help but no one heard her. Jana didn't know what to do. She was in panic and had the fear of dying. Mary Jane with her creepy voice was still following her. "Stop screaming. No one will hear you!", the creepy voice said. Jana didn't know what to do or how to get rid of her. But then, she remembered how to kill a demon - you have to drown her! So, Jana was running to the closest lake around. She ran into the cold water, screaming and crying. Mary Jane followed her into the water. Her face was so scary and Jana was so afraid. Then, Jana attacked her and tried to drown her. She kept Mary Jane's head under water but she was too strong. Jana tried to keep her under water with all her strength but it didn't work. Mary Jane was too strong. So, she got up and hold Jana’s head under water until she stopped moving.

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