Wednesday, November 20, 2013

It's London in 3426. The most advanced technology has almost taken all over the country and has replaced London’s natural environment completely.

The inhabitants are mass produced with special abilities to serve the state’s certain needs. Feelings, illness, conflicts, war, and unemployment has been abolished. In case of feeling depressed, there is the ‘happy drug’. People’s ability to think has been taken away as well. The inhabitants are divided into five categories, which represent their beauty, intelligence, and social status. The state uses technological means to condition the society in order to adapt the values of the state. Now, people are happy and free from pain.

John, an inhabitant, belongs to the highest category, where everyone is smart, good-looking, and has a well-respected profession. However, he feels different from all the others. He is uglier and, indeed, has the ability to think and feel. Therefore, he is an outsider since people consider him unusual.

Soon he figures out that the state abuses science, drugs and technology to create the perfect society. He goes to the World Controller and questions him about the value of life, arguing that humanity is more important than anything else. The World Controller says, ‘It is the only opportunity to keep the society stable and under control. We have to make sacrifices. No feelings, no conflicts. People who try to destroy or interfere the state get banished.'
As John is seen as a danger to the system, he gets exiled to an island with all the other individuals who tried to intervene in the social system.

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