Tuesday, October 22, 2013

10/22/13 Introduction

First of all, I would like to introduce myself to you.

I'm Irina Chan, 19 years old, from Germany. I've been attending EF in Santa Barbara for almost seven weeks now. English is really important not only for my future goals but also for my studies since I am going to study International Management and half of my studies are covered in English. Therefore, I want to improve my English as much as possible. So, the following aspects tell you which certain areas I would like to enhance during my stay here at EF.

While studying here at EF, I want to improve my speaking skills as well as my writing skills. I want to learn to express myself better in writing and speaking. Additionally, I want to extent my vocabulary in order to add variety to my writings.

The language skill that I am most proud of is probably my understanding/listening skills. Mostly, I watch TV shows and movies in English and I can almost understand everything.

What I noticed during my time here at EF is that I have some difficulties comprehending texts and articles on academic topics sometimes. Therefore, I think that my reading comprehension needs the most improvement.

My goal is to study at a foreign university and therefore a good knowledge of the language is required. Furthermore, I aim to work in an international company and deal with international customers. Thus, it is really important to be able to speak and express myself in English as fluently as possible. 

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